About Alia

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. My sister and I were born in the exact same hospital, by the same doctor, and by the exact same parents. Her birth certificate however lists her as having been born in Selangor, and mine says I was born in Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, my father is branded as "British" but hers as " European". I guess plenty things changed in the 13 months that separate us.

2. My husband and I both have simian lines on our palms. Another birth certificate trivia, his had a mistake in which his gender was written as Perem Lelaki, and mine was Lela Perempuan. If we had been born/registered on the same day, you'd say we were swapped at birth. Lol.

3. I don't play favourites. I.E I don't have a favourite colour, song, politician, artist, etc. My preferences change too often, and I'm just not that much of a passionate person to stick to a single thing for all time. In fact, I am utterly envious of those people who become devoted fans of anything. 

4. I am utter rubbish at cooking traditional Malay foods. However, I am excellent at cooking non-healthy Western cuisine. I think the trick is it's gotta be not too healthy, nor too unhealthy. Middle of the road is key. I make a mean lasagna!

5. Having said that, I love Thai food. I could eat it everyday. It is also another type of cuisine I am hopeless at replicating. My biggest fear is moving too far away from my favourite joint, Aroma Thai in PJ - or the thought of them closing shop. Where will I find another Cashew Chicken/Thai Green Curry combo as good in the world?! Update 29/2/16 - they've closed up shop :( I have not recovered from this. 

6. I was once a lifeguard at college, and passed my lifesaving test in the men's qualifying time. Was Am still terribly proud of myself!

7. Random spurts of energy define me. Nothing gets me more excited than an impromptu crazy activity suggestion. I live and breathe adventure!

8. Travelling or planning for travels, be it for myself or for those around me give me a lease on life. I ought to really look into a job as a travel planner/tour agent. 

9. I'd like to have a big family, 2 boys and 2 girls preferably. And a big dog. And a house and a nice large MPV like car, to fit everybody into. 

10. I pick up accents everywhere I go. I once spoke Malay with a Kelantanese accent from having studied there for 2 years, and then I came home with a very prominent Australian accent, and on my travels ever since, I've always been asked where my accent is from. Lol. I later learnt this runs in the family. How odd.